Blink Studio pushed itself one step ahead by starting editing courses with an objective to give back to the society, what it has learned through the journey of cinema. It strives to ensure that their students imbibe not only the technical knowhow but also the aesthetic sense. It walks its students through the history of cinema, hand holds them through the basic elements and helps them understand transformation from film to digital medium. Weekend screenings with group discussions & exercises helps them to open up their minds to the universe of cinema.

The studio strictly keep students away from the machines & emphasize only on film appreciation. It helps them to get a brief encounter with this medium and understand its audio visual language. The studio always presents the students with new weekly tasks such as shot by shot description, edit raw materials & converting them into a new story, etc. It helps them to get their mind meditate on each & every cut thus helping them understand how it plays with the audience’s emotions.

After working on Short films, Documentary films & Playback projects, the studio offers students to join the online editing team for feature films. They work on different cameras, film footages from start to end. They get associated with software’s like Adobe Premiere and FCP by doing practical work. We have many operators outside but sensible & creative Film Editors are rare to   find. The studio has stood firm on its belief to not only groom them with a technical command but develop their aesthetic sense with deep sensibilities about current happenings and inventions.

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